Best Recumbent Bike Reviews – Ultimate Guide 2015

There have been many recumbent bike reviews which provide in depth information to different users. Therefore, understanding the major differences between various models of recumbent exercise bikes will help to narrow down your choices out of so many different styles available. A wise user would carefully check and compare before officially buying something of this size and cost and this is the place for users like this.

This review will instruct you with the most detailed information on home exercise bikes as well as some of the top models of this so that you can make the best choice for your own conditions.

Top 5 Recumbent Bike Reviews

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse


Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Being a very low-end model, the Exerpeutic 900XL does not include so many features but it provides bare essentials. Its key feature inspires to its name is a wide maximum capacity of up to 300 pounds, a quite impressive number for such a light model.

It also comes with the maximum recumbent seat design and the basics that cannot find in any exercise bikes, including a timer, distance counter, calorie monitor, and a few resistance levels for you to choose from.

One more significant feature coming with this great bike is that it includes a pulse rate monitor, allowing you to check how hard you are working and see whether or not you need to up the resistance a bit in order to stay within your target zone.

However, there is a small problem lying on the amount of variation. It includes jut 8 level, which is relatively limited compared to other bikes. But don’t worry too much because it can be enough if you simply want an entry-level bike that doesn’t require too much of an initial investment.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike


Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike has many features such as 3 piece torque crank system, heart rate pulse and especially optimized seat design (special feature) which is easy to get off. The bike provides a smooth ride and consistent pedaling motion.

As can be seen in the picture, this semi-recumbent bike would be easily folded up and not require a lot of space to operate. It supports up to 300 pounds user weight ​and large back rest.

Even though recommended user height is from 5'2" to 6'2". However, it is best suit for whose height is under 5'8" as the seat bar is only 5". When you are using up to 100 miles, the bike would start to sound like flywheel. Therefore, you must read the maintenance instructions to protect the bike from causing screeching noise.

​The price is under $200 which is very affordable. Moreover, it will come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. The bike has been rated 90% customer satisfactory and 2/3 of them rated 5 stars.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike


Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike

In spite of being more expensive than the former item, this model is on the high end of the price spectrum and comes with a lot of outstanding features. Unlike the Exerpeutic 400XL, it comes with 22 workout programs, 20 resistance levels and 9 course profiles.

The Schwinn 230 is also designed to protect lower back as it has contoured leg area, lumbar support, additionally, with slider seat rail system. It comes with magnetic resistance technology – a really impressive technology for such an economically priced bike – which helps to keep it very quiet (almost silent) at even the highest pedaling speeds. This feature is especially convenient when you are watching TV or engaging in some other activity during your workout, making sure that you can still enjoy interesting programs or perform other activities without getting annoyed and distracted. So it is really a worth investing bike, especially for those who are in a relatively small budget.

The thing which can probably be considered the product’s biggest advantage alongside the performance is its quietness. This bike is extremely quiet, so you can freely conduct the workout wherever and whenever you want without disturbing people. This is really an important issue to those who are living with roommates. In addition, moving the 230 is so easy, so you can totally pull it out of the closet, put it in your living room and then put it back in after finishing your workout.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 270 is lightly more expensive than the 230 model but it’s a great improvement compared to its predecessor in a range of respects. Yeah, first of all, instead of just 8 levels of resistance, this modern model introduces 25 levels of resistance and just fewer than 30 exercise programs which allow for far greater fine-tuning of workouts than the former model. It means that you now can better target your exact fitness level and goals with the program so that you can reach it as soon as possible.

And like the Schwinn 230 model, the Schwinn 270 is enough for you to do various tasks while riding it and the result is still guaranteed to be great. It also comes with digital goal tracking and allows you to export and import data through the USB port, which you can also use to charge devices like cell phones and iPods right there on the machine. It is an ideal bike for users on the lower end of the mid-range spectrum.

And similar to the Schwinn 270, it doesn’t make much noise during operation and is able to offer a very comfortable workout for its seat is neatly padded, the leg support is padded and the quietness goes hand in hand with that.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike


Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Who wants to have a relaxed position on their bike while having workout? Everyone! The R614 Recumbent Bike provides lower-back support, 20 levels of resistance and 22 workout programs. Especially, the DualTrack display operates 2 high-resolution monitors plus in-console speakers, 3 speed fan and mp3 dock. More importantly, you can now track fitness data by uploading to the Nautilus Connect portal and MyFitnessPal. 

Because of its cool features, the price is range from $300 to $400. However, you are paying for your own convenience and comfort so it is worth considering those features. As a result, 80% customer rated at least 4 stars which is incredible score for this amazing bike. If you are looking for the high-end exercise machine, this would be a must have recumbent bike!

Benefits of Recumbent Bike

When it comes to picking up a suitable stationary bike for your own workout, you will find two main kinds of bikes, they are upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Both of these models can work on losing weight as well as improving cardio, of which there are several benefits that you can only enjoy with recumbent bikes. Here are some of the greatest advantages of using recumbent bikes, comparing with an upright bike.



No matter what you are using, an upright bike or a recumbent bike, cycling will guarantee to build muscles in your thighs, while lowering legs and buttocks. In addition, it also helps you to boost your lean body mass building. Because the recumbent bike puts your legs in a different position than an upright bike do, they aim at these muscles in a little different way.

More specifically, it allows you to aim at various muscles. According to recent researches, it is able to build more muscles than an upright bike can. One more thing, using a stationary recumbent bike with an upright bike for pedaling outdoors is an ideal way to make sure that you are going to enhance every muscle in your legs.



Recumbent bikes have been considered a more secure choice than upright bikes so far. It is one of the reasons why they are normally used in rehab facilities. In addition, they offer back support and a bigger seat. They are also inferior to the ground, so it is easier for rehab patients and the elderly as well to get on and off.



Recumbent bikes offer the three special features, namely back rest, bigger seat and semi-reclining position, which make it a more relaxed choice than the upright bike. Some users share that they used to suffer from pain in the buttocks because of the small seats of upright bikes.

Likewise, their backs may get tense or tired due to the lack of back support. But with the recumbent bike, these issues will be eliminated. Some researchers also find that the recumbent bike has less strain put on the hip and knees than the upright bike do, so it is really an ideal option to those of arthritis or other related issues.



In fact, if you are having pain in your back and butt, you may intend to stop pedaling as soon as possible. You also don't want to sit on the bike again the next day or later in the week. Because the recumbent bike is more comfortable and generally easier to use than the upright bike, you will be more likely to conduct a long workout. With the great advantages of making your body comfortable and pain-free during the workout, you will not have to thrust yourself and stick with your later exercise routine.

How To Pick The Best Recumbent Bike?



The first thing you should think about when deciding to invest in a recumbent exercise bike is the comfort level. It is certain that comfort matters to you. You would rather not buy a bike that leave you pain after your everyday workout.

However, the good news here is that these bikes aim to keep you comfortable during your workout. The recumbent seats keep your body in a semi-horizontal position which makes you feel as relaxed as possible, gradually distributes your body weight and height along a broader surface area. It prevents you from falling into a habit of bad posture. As a result, the various aches and pains that would no longer exist.

You should also consider the bikes that have padded seats and strong lumbar support because these will make sure that there will be no undue strain placed on your back to cause any discomfort later on.



The next thing you should take into account is how much space you have for a new recumbent bike. If you live in a reasonably large house, it will not be a size problem.

However, if you live in an apartment or a relatively small house, consider this issue carefully. The dimensions stated in the specifications part of the reviews will reveal you how much space you need to include that particular recumbent bike in your house.

There are foldable models, like the Exerpeutic 400XL, which you can tuck away neatly under a bed or in a closet when you do not use. The design like this is especially useful if you want to keep it in your bedroom or if you have to share your room with someone who doesn't want it.



Probably the most complex but most important thing is worth considering. The final objective of purchasing an exercise bike is to gain a really good workout which can help you shed any unwanted as well as improve your fitness level right? To gain this, you need to consider every feature which is normally discussed in most of the reviews. Each of recumbent exercise bike is not created equally and the higher-end models often introduce some additional features which will work to make your workout much more effective.

For instance, better bikes will offer more resistance levels so that you can chose the one which is most suitable with yourself, making fine workout to exactly match your own fitness level and gain definite goals much easier. Some items also introduce adjustable programs which are designed to increase fitness or lose weight and even let you build your own adapted workouts from a set of parameters you can specify. This offers you a very special experience that you will feel like you have your own personal trainer, then you will be curious to reach your next target.

You definitely want to keep track of your heart rate during your workout, right? This desire is reasonable and also very important because it is confirmed that exercise which does not make your heart rate reach its maximum and away from rest levels isn’t able to make any noteworthy impact on fitness level and certainly cannot burn much excess calories, which means that you had better look for a recumbent bike that informs you of your heart rate during your workout so that you can make some adjustment, basing on the greatest benefit from your workout.

Finally, some bikes gives some additional features that help some people get more than their workouts. For instance, if you are in group of people who get more done when conducting workout while listening to music, you should consider the built-in speakers and iPod connectivity which some models introduce. Upbeat rhythms are really a good way to advance workout quality and give you a better pace going.



The final vital thing you should consider before purchasing anything is obviously its price. In fact, our budgets and requirements are different. It is really worth taking it into account whether which recumbent bike is really suitable with you. If you simply want an reasonably priced model, you should select one of the cheaper models which don’t offer many further features but still help you complete your workout well.

In contrast, if are ready to invest in a more robust and feature-filled model, you should check the bikes that meet most of your requirement and some other key things. The most important thing here is to know what you really look for and how much you can afford and then consider to make the best one of between those two.




This is very often ignored by people but is of utmost importance. Spend a few minutes to do some dynamic stretches and loosen up those rigid muscles and tissues. Then you can also move onto your bike for some more effective warm up. Begin at a very slow pace and slowly increase the intensity to raise your core body temperature. This will be helpful in saving you from those painful muscle cramps which you may suffer if you do not include warm up in your work out sessions.



Before you start with your bike you need to make adjustments in it as per your accordance. You must make sure that while pedaling you must have a slight bend in the extension of your knee while you have your leg on the rear side of the crank. If you do not have this you need to adjust your seat by sliding it a little back or front till you get that bend.



As you start getting acclimatised to your new bike you can start experimenting with your routine work out. once you get the proper hang of it and you have started to pedal with quite a good speed you can start increasing the resistance in the bike to increase the intensity of the exercise.

When you increase the resistance you in turn increase the required force to be applied to turn and move the pedals. This will get you to adapt with your bike in a much better way, challenging your muscles to perform harder and hence making them much stronger.



This is very important while using any of the bikes. A wrong posture can lead you to suffer from numerous other problems. With a recumbent bike you need to maintain a steady posture where you are allowed to put your hands on the handles but are not supposed to be leaning forward to do that. Keep your back straight and close and tight against the backrest of the seat the entire time that you are working out. Also, make sure that you pedal strong and hard with your complete foot and not just your toes.



Interval training is a greatly effective way to quickly reach your desired results. It involves a certain fixed duration of lighter activity level followed by an explosion of intense ones. This is alternative repetitions of activity with different intensity when added with variation in resistance can give you a great session of burning a lot of those unwanted calories.

Also, make sure to work out on your recumbent bike for a sufficient amount of time with a minimum of at least 60 minutes to have an effective and ample weight loss and 30 minutes to maintain your health


Every equipment which is being used on a regular basis demands maintenance. Recumbent exercise bike may not be of a very low price but if you give them the attention they deserve they will go a very long way serving to your work-out needs without requiring too many repairs and replacements. Hence, to make sure that your bike stays in a prim and proper condition follow these below stated instructions

  • After a very intense work out session you sweat and your sweat contains such salts than can prove out to be extremely corrosive for the physical structure and the lubricants of your bike that keeps it going. With the passage of time your bike will give into the constant damage being caused from your sweat drops that cling to the bike after your work-out. Hence, to save your bike from this you need to make sure that you wipe of your bike completely post every work-out
  • ​Every once in a while do make it a point to clean up your bike completely. Give it a complete overhauling by washing up every part, lubricating all the moveable parts with a good quality grease and so on. Do this at least once a month if you wish your bike to last with you for years without any severe problems.
  • ​When constant in use the screws tend to loosen up with the passage of time. Thus, it is very important to check them once in every few weeks. Tighten and fix up all such screws that have become loose so as to save yourself as well from the risk of getting hurt.
  • Always keep a check of the torque settings with a torque wrench in a mounting bolt whether it is your home bike or in the gym. Of course at home you can do it more frequently like once a week for gym this inspection can be made on a monthly basis.
  • Never use a detergent soap or a fluffy towel to clean the chain of the bike as they can end up clogging it more but you definitely can make use of a brush to get rid of any kind of residue or trash on it.
  • Finally, if there ever occurs to be a technical problem in the bike do not try to fix it yourself as you may end up messing it up more. Please get some professional help to set such situations right.

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